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About 3 days ago I was getting ready to go to work at 4:00am and I started the car. I was changing cd's about 30 seconds later the car started jumping rpms from 700-1100 rpms. It was in neutral, but it seemed like i was letting in and out of the clutch in 1st with no gas. Except the idle was moving up instead of going down. Than backed the car out of the driveway and went down my driveway in 1st and than into second. I barely could get it out of the driveway acting like it was gonna die with like no power at all like i was driving a v6 with a 2.56 gear or something.

Than once today and once about 3 weeks ago I would start my car and the car would start and drive, but I would have no a/c, no radio, no lights, and the windows would not roll up or down.

The car has been fine ever since. Its got me baffled?

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