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OK, here's the senario. A 1965 Mustang fastback modified as follows:

-Griggs GR-350 full suspension, front and back
-Baer PBR discs all around
-125/45/17's up front (Yokohama ES-100s)
-145/40/17's in back (Yokohama ES-100s)
-T56 (Mustang version)
-HD Currie 9" with 3.70's
-6pt rollbar
-Highback buckets with 5pt harnesses

My dilema is, what motor?

-EFI 331 putting out 400 hp at the flywheel or
-Superchrged EFI 331 putting out 550hp at the flywheel

The car needs to be a reliable street car (city driving and an occasional 4-6 hour road trip). This is where it will see most of it's life. It may also see an occasional open track event. I've been going back an forth on the N/A vs. supercharger thing. Griggs reccomend going N/A which makes sense for the track but I am just so tempted by some real power. Am I being unrealistic? Do I really want all that supercharged power for the street? Or should I say, do the pros outweigh the cons - reliability and gas mileage? I've never built anything like this and need some help from others who may have the experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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