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Hmmm..I was just discussing this the other day...

If the alignment guy set your toe properly, like from 0 to 1/8 total toe in, and you're still wearing tires unevenly then you probably could benefit from a camber change. c/c plates are a definite improvement because they fix the top of the strut in place instead of letting it move under changing loads like the stock ones do. Ultimately though I think you'll want to get the ride height back up again. I'm not sold on coilovers yet, I'm not sure everybody's resolved the strut tower loading on these cars so I'm not sure they're absolutely worth the ride-quality improvement they're purported to make. But of the 3 options you listed, IMHO it's the best one. Get the Koni's (or Bilsteins). Get the c/c plates. Ask the people who've owned and reallly used coilovers for an honest assesment. Do some digging. If you like what find, get the coilovers and nt only do you have the ride-height issue solved, you also have the ability to easily and relatively inexpensively change the spring rates and corner weights if you like.
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