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blk91gt said:
who told you it couldn't be aligned?

CC plates would be a better option, but if you are lik me and wont be road racing the car then they are prolly a waste of money.

Good luck
Now here's the thing, I am not trying to tick you off or flamed any one here.

CC plate are very good for anything, including drag racing or street driving.
On stock plate you got no caster adjustment and very limited camber adjustment. Once you put CC plate [any aftermarket type]
You have wide range of adjustment, also you can increase caster to 3 degrees or more for better stability on drag racing, been there done that, especially when you are running skinny tires on front [either street driving or racing].

I run stock 10 hole LX wheel on my 88 Mustang and I increase my camber to 3.1 degree per side, my car handles like slot car and steered straight as an arrow.[my car is not road racing machine, it is street and strip car].
I also do this for all of my friend's Mustang too, all of them say the car steered better than factory, and wondered why Ford did not do it in the first place.
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