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The two hundred dollars your guy wants to drill a rivet, loosen three bolts and move the stock plate towards the fender (to give you less negative camber) is criminal. The guy is either a crook, or just stupid. Go ahead and do it your self. This will give you more toe in, so you may want to go back and readjust your toe afterwards.

Struts will help the ride, CC plates will help mainly by increasing caster, and locating the strut top better. CC plates double the amount of camber that can be adjusted, but half the adjustment is built into the cars strut towers, and can be used with the stock plate once the rivet is drilled out.

I have Coil overs, and they do a pretty good job of bending CC plates (even MM brand). They do ride nice, and have their benefits.

I'm, going to be running a two spring, true progressive set up on my car, using cut down 4 cylinder springs in the stock location, and xxx lbs. coilovers. This will give me off the line traction better than a stock spring, and a tunable roll stiffness equal to a road race spring. I'm still working on it, so don't have the C/O rate dialed in yet. The down sides will be loss of ride height adjustability (below the height of the stock spring) and a possible loss of bump travel.
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