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who told you it couldn't be aligned?

I run basicly the same springs as do many others and they can certainly be driven fine without th eneed of CC plates.

If you shop said they couldnt get it to _factory_ specs they would be right, but you really dont need it setup to factory specs.

Take the car to a good shop with an experiance front end guy and they can adjust the toe in properly so that tire wear with the excessive camber wont be a problem.

CC plates would be a better option, but if you are lik me and wont be road racing the car then they are prolly a waste of money.

I know some alignment guys freek at lowered mustang because the angle of the a-arm looks so extreme, ignore em!

On another note if you want to raise the front end a little get some energy suspention poly isolators, I gained a good 1/2" with em.

Good luck
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