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Can I rebuild my shortblock myself?

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Question is in the title. Nothing wrong with the engine, just has 200K miles.

All I want to do is fresh bearings and rings. Can I just pull and replace to factory spec and replace the torque to yield bolts.

Does it require a hone with fresh rings? If so, can I do that myself by buying a honing tool and putting it on a drill?

Also, does someone have a list of which bolts are torque to yield. I assume just main, rod, and head? Does anyone know where to get the OE bolts? I can only find OE head bolts.

Thanks in advance!
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Any reputable engine builder will tell you if the stock crank comes out you’re going to want to have the block align honed (or aligned bored if far enough out of spec.) The mains have been worn in with the stock main bearings. If you just throw new bearings in without mic’ing and align honing you could easily spin a bearing. With that being said it’s your motor and people do sloppy mechanic stuff all the time to save money. Just do so at your own risk. Also like the guys said above... if it aint broke dont fix it. Do a compression test, leak down test and look at oil pressure when warm. If everything looks good keep driving it till the wheels fall off unless building for more power or racing purposes.
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