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Can I rebuild my shortblock myself?

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Question is in the title. Nothing wrong with the engine, just has 200K miles.

All I want to do is fresh bearings and rings. Can I just pull and replace to factory spec and replace the torque to yield bolts.

Does it require a hone with fresh rings? If so, can I do that myself by buying a honing tool and putting it on a drill?

Also, does someone have a list of which bolts are torque to yield. I assume just main, rod, and head? Does anyone know where to get the OE bolts? I can only find OE head bolts.

Thanks in advance!
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New rings require a hone. Best to let a machine shop hone the block if you have never done it before. Many places to get bolts and gaskets. One suggestion is actual from Ford for the bolts.

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Okay, I just drop it off and have it honed and I can do the rest?
Or would you guys not bother with the rings? If they seal fine; just do the bearings? The engine does have over 200K miles on it
I'd buy a done short block and swap everything onto it. But you may want to have the heads freshened, install a new oil pump, inspect and possible replace the camshaft and/or roller lifters at that elevated mileage. I'd also want to make sure the rockers were still serviceable (or swap in some pedestal mounts) and the push rods were of the required length.
Well that’s going from about $500 to over $2000 to fix something that isn’t broken in the first place. I’d rather not do that. I’m just trying to be proactive and go ahead and freshen up the short block.

Cams are getting replaced and so are valve springs and sensors. And this engine doesn’t have pushrods. 2011-14 5.0.
HA HA!! I read your screen name and the list in your sig and my brain went to the push rod engine. 200K+ on a DOHC already?!?! wow
Lol all good. I figured my sig is what got you. I haven’t updated it. It only lets you do 4 lines and I’ve had more than 4 mustangs so I quit updating it
Take it for what it's worth, Jasper won't touch these coyotes, or the mt82.
What does this mean? I don’t know who jasper is.
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