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I posted this in the Modular Board.. but figured someone here might be able to lend a hand as well...

One more try.. Anyone know how to make my Steeda Clutch Quad stop vibrating?

I've tried all I can think of to get my Steeda Aluminum Clutch Quadrant to stop vibrating but alas to no avail.

This past weekend I pulled it off and added a steel sleeve to the front "hole" to tighten up the fit and snugged up everything. I am getting VERY tired of the vibrating/rattling that the pedal has after installing the quadrant several months ago.

If I put my foot on the pedal and push just a tad, not enough to disengage my clutch, but enought to put pressure on the throw-out bearing to pressure plate... if I do this the vibration stops and feels silky smooth.

Perhaps I need to tighten up the Firewall Adjuster ??? I really don't want the clutch engaging a foot off the floor.. but alas, I may have to try that. I just don't want to wear out the pressure plate or throw-out bearing f/my recently installed SPEC clutch.

ANY suggestions would be appreciated. At this point I'm seriously considering going back to the crappy plastic OE quadrant. At least it didn't make any noise and actually felt smoother than this Steeda Unit. I wonder if the UPR Quadrant would be the same way????
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