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C4 with blower

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Guys I am a little confused and just looking for some clarification. I have a 302 s-trim H/C/I makes 530rwhp was recommended a 3500 stall to a 3800 stall. What is best and why ? I also hear you don't want to high or you will drive through the converter. But I read some old 5.0 books and Guys with same set up running like up to 4500 stall ??? How's that ?? What do you guys think would be best ?? Don at ******* said 3600-3800 Thoughts Please.
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I would go as high as you can. A quality converter will not slip much up top. Mine goes to 5-5200 but is very tight once it comes in. It mostly counts on your set up and where the car makes power. Put it on the Dyno and send a GOOD converter company an email with what your looking to do, give them the dyno sheet to reference.
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