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This is going into a '66... i am pretty sure this is what i'm getting, however i DEFINITELY want input from some windsor gurus-- if you see something you don't like, tell me why and what you'd recommend :D If you don't like the whole setup, tell me why and what you would do to 'fix' it :)

My main goal is to not stroke it, yet be able to get at least 450+ hp and equivelant torque and maintain 10mpg in the city. I have a tremec TKO and about to install a ford 9" with (maybe 3.55s or more likely 3.73s)

'71 351W (of course) Block
AFR185s-- ported like they are on the AFR website

Performer RPM or AirGap if it'll clear the hood-- i'm going to be lowering the engine about an inch or so via smaller engine mounts.

700 CFM NOT a double pumper (I currently have a 650 I can put on it till i figure out the best thing.

Lunati 51017 or 51014 (prolly not, but maybe)

HBeam rods (think i'll need hbeam or will ibeam be ok?-- suggestions here are definitely welcome)

Pistons-- undecided, but i want 10:1 compression or so. Forged or Hyper? was thinking about getting a set of the KB-silvolite KB151s-- compression will be around 10.3 - 10.5 with a 61cc chamber. Thats a bit higher than i was wanting to go tho... any suggestions here?

Some good race rings

Crane roller rockers 1.6 -- any other recommended brands?

MSD 6AL ignition
Pro-billet distributor-- maybe just a billet distributor
MSD coil

Anything else... i can't think about the rest... So what ya think line by line? think i'll get what i'm going for?

Thanx much for the help/ guidance/ assistance


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your setup looks good. I would look for a bigger cam to help make the power you are looking for and possibly 1.7 rocker arms. Scorpion rocker arms are good from the people I know that use them. You might want to consider a solid roller cam also since you have a carb setup, running a bigger cam will be an advantage. I would recommend that you get the DeskTop Dyno software and play with the numbers. The software is accurate if your input data is accurate. I hope this helps you some. Just my $.02:D
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