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if i ease the throttle on it makes ok power but if i floor it, it bucks and seems to really hesitate. just installed a new t-rex fuel pump on the advice from downs ford. fuel pressure is set at 43psi at idle timing is at 14 degrees

i'm running a downs ford 306 short block with edelbrock aluminum heads street/strip port job. 2.02/ 1.60 valves,1.6 adjustable rockers,wolverine 1087 cam 288/299 510/534.
gt40 lower intake downs ford upper,38lb injectors,65mm throttle body,c&l 73mm mass air meter, msd ignition with timing retard
vortech a trim making about 10lbs at the gauge. anderson powerpipe,1 3/4 full length headers.190 intank pump with a r-tex in line.
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