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I posted this in the SC forum, but perhaps more blower/turbo people will see it in here.. so here goes...

If anyone could find the time to take a look at the BTM knob wiring at the box it would be greatly appreciated.

I have an almost new MSD/Vortech BTM and I needed a replacement knob. MSD came through BIG TIME and sent me a brand new black replacement knob for it, but at the end of the wiring there is no plastic connector.. just the two wires ending with the male terminals. Wire colors are green and purple.

Coming out of the box itself the wires are black and gray, connected to the 'correct' connector.

Since I have to lengthen the knob wires anyway for it to reach into the interior, I will be using a 2pole trailer connector. It is secure and pretty tough. But I'm not certain which wire goes to which?

Is it gray/green and black/purple?

or black/green and gray/purple?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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