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So, in the not so distant future, I will be pulling the high mile 3.8 from the 04 and swapping in my resealed 95 SC 3.8. Before I install the motor, I am going to port the heads and maybe install some roller rockers. I do have a question on the headers from the stocker n/a 3.8. Are they sufficient for the SC 3.8, will they even bolt up to the SC heads? Or should I go aftermarket? I do still have the SC exhaust manifolds, but not sure if they can be made to fit in the Fox body (SN-95, new edge).

I plan on going with an aftermarket intercooler, and likely convert to true duals with MAC cat-back. I may even consider a cam swap, just not sure what is available.

Thought, ideas, criticism and advice are welcome.

Thanks everyone!

BTW, this is an auto car and I will be doing the JMOD on either the SC transmission or the 04 trans, not sure which yet.
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