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Borgeson/MM steering shaft question

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I'm interesting in getting the Borgeson steering shaft with vibration reducer for my Fox to cut down on slop and get a more precise steering feel. I see Maximum Motorsports simply buys the Borgeson units and welds them. Is there any issues with just getting the shaft straight from Borgeson? Do the set screws constantly loosen up or something, making the welded shaft beneficial? I don't even think MM offers the vib reducer model in welded form.
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Thanks. I guess in my searches here, I was unaware the Maximum adds the telescoping feature. Sevral post seemed to make out that it was the same part, only welded. My bad. The need for the telescoping feature to avoid loading the rack in normal operation without the factory rag joint in place makes sense.

Since Maximum doesn't offer the vibration reducer feature, how bad are any vibrations transmitted back up to the steering wheel? Road feel is fine. I just don't want a steering wheel constantly humming and vibrating in my hands. Thanks.
Thanks guys. I will definitely go with the MM steering shaft then.
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