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Borgeson/MM steering shaft question

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I'm interesting in getting the Borgeson steering shaft with vibration reducer for my Fox to cut down on slop and get a more precise steering feel. I see Maximum Motorsports simply buys the Borgeson units and welds them. Is there any issues with just getting the shaft straight from Borgeson? Do the set screws constantly loosen up or something, making the welded shaft beneficial? I don't even think MM offers the vib reducer model in welded form.
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Same here, I have put several of the MM shafts on. The road feel gets much better, but I can't say there's any significant vibration transmission. One of these was a 4 cylinder application, which if there was going to be any vibration, it should have had it with the little 2.3L. I really like MM design, telescoping, and has a spline at the top. That spline is nice when the steering wheel is a little bit off, just take the bolt out of the spline clamp, slip the two halves apart, turn it where you want it and reinstall. Simplifies things; and lets you center the rack properly. The way that the SN95 racks are designed, if you simply install a u-joint on the end of a stock shaft with the proper end for the SN95 rack, the steering wheel will be 90 degrees off. You can't adjust that out unless you turn one tie rod all the way in and the other all the way out. At that point it will turn really tight (and tires will probably rub) in one direction and then when you turn to lock the other way it will take a 50 acre field to turn it around. Centering the rack is important. And yes I've made my own shaft in the past too using an SN95 shaft attached to a fox body upper u-joint. Not hard to do but you gotta get it centered up correctly the first time, tack it, then remove & weld, then reinstall. Not as much fun.

also the telescoping shaft has some benefit during a crash as well, obviously.
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