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Pair of black sun visors for a Fox mustang hatch or notch (won't fit a vert)
$125 obo + shipping
PM if you're interested and make me an offer...

Thought they'd look good in my gray and black interior, but I don't the look against the gray head liner (I'm a freak).

I'm going to tell you everything that is right and wrong with these, so that there are no surprises if you buy them:

The passenger side visor is in near-perfect condition.

The drivers side flap has been reglued, but (unlike most) it is decently done.

Lights work for sure on the passenger side. I've got a problem with my mustang's wiring on the drivers side (it won't ground for some reason). So, I can't say if the drivers side mirror lights work or not, but they probably will in your mustang so long as the wiring is good.

They also come with the black clips, so I'm selling you a complete set.

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