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I have a 93LX 5speed with only 13,000 miles. My idea is this.....i am wondering about this setup with nitrous.

Cobra upper/lower w/ 65mm tbody
B303 cam w/ 1.7's
MAC longtube 1 5/8" headers
2.5" Off road x pipe
K&N with mass air tube
255 fuel pump and maybe some 24# injectors
.....leave everything else stock.

I have a NX dual stage setup with D-Maximizer. I want to step up to a 200 shot for 3rd and 4th gear. What kind of opinions do you have on this. Obviously.....risky! I am the "King of headgaskets tho".......hence the 87 GN w/ 25PSi. Any ideas on how long it will last....or things to remember (like retard timing)....or how the car will run with this kind of a shot?

Basically a mild setup (easily streetable) with alot of nitrous for special occasions. Id like to run mid-low 11's on the nitrous. Does this sound about right?

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Just keep the tune very safe with those hyper pistons..and run race gas. It should hold up to it...your stock head bolts and gaskets might not though.
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