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Best drag tires for stock 18x8 rim

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Hello folks,
Been doing quite a bit of searching and have not found a viable drag strip option for sticky tires for my 18x8 stock 2021 GT rims. Whatever I do find, the diameter is much smaller and I think will throw the speedometer off.
Anyone know of any 27.3” diameter + or - a half inch, sticky tires that would fit on a 18x8 rim? Not looking to change rims, etc… this is going on a daily and want to just drive to the strip and let it rip everyone once in a while and actually cut a half respectable 60ft time. I would like to actually turn traction control off to get the full benefit of power to the ground. On the current pirelli 235 all seasons it just spins.

also have seen some half decent reviews on the Firestone Indy tires but still am skeptical…

I know there are many more options if I step up to a wider rim, just seeing if there’s something I’m missing…
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Forgot to add, this is a base 300a car with the a10 Trans and 3:15 gear.
Wouldn't worry about the 3:15 rear gear while running the 10R80 transmission, since 1st gear is 4.69
Stock rims will restrict your tire selection to a with of 235mm. You may want to try running stock tires and dropping the air pressure down to 20 psi in the rear.
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