Ok, slightly sarcastic with the title but this is a bad little unit non the less! Selling the intake and Behind Bars fuel rails as a package. The intake is in really good shape. There is one blemish at one of the bolt down bosses but could easily be repaired, or use washer like I did for the past 12 years.

Lower is port matched to slightly smaller than a Fel-Pro 1262R intake gasket. This intake matches a Trick Flow 205cc head very well.
The distributor area has been clearance' d and epoxied for additional room.
Rear PCV has been blocked off and has an 1/8" npt fitting in it's place. For those that run a vacuum pump and want to monitor crankcase vacuum.
The upper throttle body opening has been opened up to match a 105mm t.b. very close. As you can see from the images, there isn't quite enough material at the top and bottom so it's not a 100% match, but very close.
Fuel rails are BBRC's and are clean. They will have -8 fitting on 3 of the ends and a -6 fitting on one end.
The coolant temp sensor and air intake temp sensor's will not be included.

I ran this intake with an n/a 363" and it worked well. Reason for selling is I went to a super vic.

Asking $900 shipped.