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Attn CA drivers with Kenne Bell (EGR question)

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Hi Guys,

I am building a new street engine for my 94 GT; a Dart 347 stroker with AFR 185 heads and a Kenne Bell Flowzilla. I live in CA, so passing smog is going to be very important.

My question is regarding the EGR valve. Someone at Kenne Bell is telling me the Flowzilla isn't CA legal (even though their website says it is) because it doesnt have a place to mount the EGR. I have done a lot of searching on this forum, and it seems like a Fox TB conversion with a Fox EGR plate would fix this problem. Has anyone successfully done this with their Kenne Bell powered 94-95 in CA? Did you have any problems passing smog?

I just want to make sure I'm not going down the wrong path before I buy the Kenne Bell. Thanks!
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You might have a better chance passing with a vortech, even though I've had to drive to 4 or 5 smog nazi shops before one actually knows what he is looking at under my hood and does my smog. Good luck, you'll need it.
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