Price drop from $2,100 to $1,600.

I am selling my Astro A5 T5 transmission that is rated for 550hp with billet key upgrade that was purchased in 2011. It saw approximately 5 years of regular street driving, then has been sitting since 2016 ever since I moved out of state. No track use. I have decided to sell it and the car so I have no use for it anymore.

The gear ratios are 2.95, 1.95, 1.36, 1.00 and fifth gear is 0.64. It would also require a 26-spline clutch disc as well. I have the speedometer gear that will work for 3.73 rear gears and I can throw that in for free if it would be beneficial to anyone.

It shifted absolutely perfect for me when I had it. I have an MGW shifter with a GT shift knob for it I can throw in for free. I am in the Clearwater, FL area and can meet someone local for pickup as well. Shipping would have to be paid by you. I am not looking for any trades at this time, thank you.

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