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I recently replaced the AOD transmission in a 1989 LX 5.0. When I tried to put the driveshaft back in it did not fit and I realized the output shaft on the new AOD was longer than the one on the the original. After some research, came to the conclusion the new transmission has a 16" output shaft (as well as longer tail housing) rather than a 15" output shaft that is in the factory transmission. So I had 1 inch removed from the driveshaft. However, the driveshaft is still too long. Rough measurement is that the driveshaft is still about 2 inches too long.

Does not make sense to me why the 1" longer output shaft would net 3" of extra length once the driveshaft was mounted.

Does anybody have insight to how the AOD transmissions have variations to the output shaft and tail housings? Trying to determine if I need to cut more out of the driveshaft, and if so, how much. Also, how much travel space does the slip yoke need on the output shaft?
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