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We want to find the best fitting 1.75" LTs for our 94...
There are many complicating factors though, and I hope to get info from someone who has had good experiences with LTs on a car that is close to ours as possible... Fox headers preferred, but we will make SN headers work if someone has had GREAT fitment with them on an SN vert just like ours.

The car, and issues surrounding fitment and ground clearance:

1994 5.0, Aluminum heads
AODE tranny (Supposedly headers are different between auto and T5)
Convertible (The biggest issue I suppose, due to extra bracing)
Solid engine mounts (Supposedly put engine lower in chassis?)
Car is LOWERED... (Ground clearance!)
Prefer Fox headers, as there is no EGR on this car, and it already has Fox top end...

What headers did you use?
I assume our choices are BBK or MAC?

Would you use the same brand again?


Ground clearance?

Other issues???

Dave :salute:

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Looks like BBK doesn't make 1 3/4" headers for a 5.0 with an automatic tranny.

MAC says that their headers don't fit any "non-stock" applications, such as solid engine mounts. He said that MACs will hit the steering shaft if the engine is any lower than stock coupe mounts.

That leaves:
Hooker Supercomps... Thin metal, expensive, possible ground clearance issues...

Doug's... Unknown ???

Bassani... Expensive, but I really like the look of these.
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