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So I assumed that I would need a new tank for the 83 I recently acquired... Car has been stored inside since the late90's with a bad motor up until about 4 years ago it was outside and in a barn......
I pulled the tank yesterday and I was surprised to find about 1/2 a tank of decent gas ( not usable but certainly not turpentine), a little cloudy, but smelled ok.. When I drained it, the tank is like new and the sender/pickup looks just like the pictures of the new ones for sale???? WTF I am saying, as I have NEVER seen one that wasn't a rusted up pile of junk???
A couple years back I bought an '82 Zephyr as a project car. It had been sitting in a garage for a long time; the plates on it had expired in late '03. When I dropped the tank I found the same as you - the inside of the tank was in perfect condition. Maybe Mike is on to something - it was the non-ethanol gas that kept the tanks clean?
1 - 1 of 103 Posts