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I went up to the local track Friday trying to turn some better numbers. Here's a little info on my car. It's an 89 GT hardtop Auto. It has a typhoon intake, underdrives, no cats and flowmasters on a stock h-pipe, 255lph pump, and a 175 dry shot. The AOD is completely stock, no shift kit or anything. I'm still running stock 2.73's out back. (A dog out of the hole) I've never really been able to get a "good" pass with it yet. Either I have no bottle pressure or 3rd gear slips in the tranny. I've run a best of 13.2 @ 95 on the 150 shot, letting off shortly after the the 1/8th. That was also with a 2.2 short on street tires. My best mph so far was 104.5 on the 150 with a little slippage. I made three passes. First was an N/A run

Run 1
RT- .704
60ft- 2.40
330- 6.80
1/8et- 9.56
1/8mph- 72.24
1/4et- 15.59
1/4mph- 88.94

Run 2

I lost my slip for run two. Bottle pressure was at 1200. I come out hard and hit the switch, blew the tires off of first, let off then got back on and blew them off again. The tranny then shifted to 3rd at 30mph. Little did I know 'til the end of the run that the pressure spike from the nitrous popped the fuel rail off of the number 4 cylinder. I got to the end of the track and the car started filling up with gas fumes, and there was a white smoke trail all the way up the track. That pass was a 14.5 @ 99.3

Run 3 - Fuel rail situation taken care of. (875psi) waited until about 20mph to hit the nitrous.

RT - .744
60ft - 2.37
330ft- 5.998
1/8et- 8.824
1/8mph- 86.53
1/4et- 13.552
1/4mph - 94.75

More tranny slippage on this pass. Shifted to third and made a nasty noise. Let off and coasted the rest of the way.

I'm done taking this thing to the track until I get a real tranny in it. I have 3.55's waiting to be put it. I'm also buying a warmer this week. I probably have another 2-3mph in the 1/8th in bottle pressure alone.


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A new tranny with at least a shift kit,decent stall along with the better rear gearing will solve most all of your problems.
Plan on getting some decent tires to run it on? Those 60ft's are killing the times too.
My friends wifes 90 LX AOD car is setup basicly like yours except for the above mentioned mods. Ran [email protected] with a 150 shot on BFG dr's.


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You can't expect to not blow the tires away on that big of a shot on street tires. Drag Radials, a progressive controller, or split it up into two shots will hand over the 12s easy, give her some better gear while you're at it.
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