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My car is mostly stock except for a bunch of bolt ons. I just finished ordering my vortech sc trim from muscle motors. and was now thinking of rebuilding my stock bottom end with a 347 stroker kit. got a nice cash settlement from icbc

I have a spare block thats already bored over, and ready to go,

Heres my combo, stock block, with 347 stroker, cast crank, stock i beam rods, srp dished pistons,

dart senior heads 58cc chamebers, 2.02/1.60
trick flow street intake, 75mm throttle body
C&L 76mm meter, 24lb injectors, 255 lph in tank
bbk 1" 3/4 full length headers and full 2" 1/2 exhaust
i also have a 7" crank pulley on the way from ASP

I have two cams i have an x303 cam and the steeda #18 cam

which cam should i run with this combo?
and will 24lb injectors be enough for this motor?
im hoping to run 8lbs with the 7" crank pulley?
im hoping for 450rwp? what do u think?
Is there anything else u would change?
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