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Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir for 96-04, 3 Bolt Tensioner, 4v COPS,

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Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir SOLD!

3 Bolt Tensioner SOLD!

Set of 8 99+ Ignition Coils from my turbo 96 Cobra that had been converted to the 99+ Coil On Plug setup. Previous owner of the car did the conversion and said it ran great, but ended up having some issues with the bottom end of the motor so he took it off the road. Im currently parting car out. These fit 99-04 Cobra or Mach 1, and other DOHC 4v Fords with coil on plug ignition. They do not have stickers on top (all have peeled off) but have Ford boots, so Im guessing they are Motorcrafts. Mileage unknown. $60 SHIPPED

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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