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Hi all,

After going through three stock alternators in 10K miles, I've decided to buy a high amp alternator for my car. I keep burning the stock units up and have had a number of folks suggest
that the solution is to install a higher rated alternator.

Assuming I ditch the underdrives (at least the one on the alternator itself), will a 130 amp unit be sufficient? I know of
one source that sells a 200 amp unit and I'm wondering if I should go with that to be on the safe side. Any sources for
a 200 (or similar) amp unit outside of Mr. Alternator in S.C.. It'll be a couple of weeks before they could get me one. I'm on the west coast.

In terms of functionality what's the difference between a one wire system and an alternator that uses a modified stock
harness? If I use the one wire system, what do I do with the stock harness? Is there an adapter? Will this cause
problems with my ECU or error codes?

Thanks for any help,

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