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If anyone can figure this out Ill be surprised and greatful.

Bought my 2000 GT a year ago. Last summer I started having ping at WOT around 6000rpm.
My first thought was the hot weather... still did it when the weather was below 60 degrees.
My second thought was fuel octane (91 here in Cal.) I tried race gas 104 unleaded and Torco additive... no help.
So... I ordered the Vortech fuel and boost gauges, and... I showed no boost! I have a buddy here in town with a Vorteched 2001, he brought his car over and we re-hooked everything up just like his unit (done down at Vortech) Showed 4lbs boost on the on ramp for a second and then boost, still pinged though!
Got under the car and noiticed the return hose AFTER the bypass valve was completely blown off! (NO hose clamps on that side.)
Sooo... I put on clamps and... voila , no more ping.

Now its easy to guess why it was pinging... air was entering the intake without passing through the Mass Air,; this would cause a lean condition, right?
Heres the strange part. Now, for the first time, the car shows boost! Only 5lbs. though. Vortech says it should show 10.

Any thoughts?

2000 Gt
Vortech S trim
Vortech aftercooler
38lb.(red) injectors
JBA shorties
Bassani catted X
Classic Design side pipes

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Your losing a little bit of boost due to the aftercooler (assuming your reading boost from the manifold) and the advertised numbers from Vortech are just that..they will differ between cars. Though you may want to make sure you don't have another air leak somewhere and your belt maybe slipping some.

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