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Last weekend I installed my Aerospace street brake system. 12 hours later and after alot of "making things work" with my supposed bolt on kit I have several problems.
First and foremost, The pedal is low until you pump the brakes 1 or 2 times. I used a 93 cobra master cylinder and line loc for the 2 line splice. I also have a stock prop valve. I have tried bleeding the brakes many ways. I even removed the calipers from the rotors today and pointed the bleeder to the top. I called aerospace and they said that the master may not be big enough, 1" piston boar minimum. I went to Matt's brake page, I hope that you are reading this, and I believe it has a larger than 1" piston. I feel that I have bled all the air out, I am leaning towards needing to adjust the master push rod? Does this make sense? Is the master big enough ?
The steel brake line kit I got with the kit did not fit the rear so I hard lined it in. I also had to clearance, read grinde, the rear calipers so that the stock turbine wheels fit.
The brakes seem to work great, no binding or locking of any wheel. Any opinions or help would be great appriciated.


P.S Aerospace has been a great help so far, I just want some other advice before I purchase another master.

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When you put the calipers on is the bleeder screw pointed up or down? If you have to take the caliper off to point the bleed screw up then you have them on backwards (ie left is on the right).

The bleed screw should be pointed upwards when they are mounted on the car.

Next, make sure you bleed both front and rear brakes. See this article to make sure you're doing it right:

Having the wrong sized master cylinder would most likely cause a hard pedal, or one that locks up the brakes pretty easily.

What you're describing is a system that has air in it. Read this article to make sure you've put everything on the right way:
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