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AEM series 1 can anyone direct me to a tuner pa

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I have an 86gt I put twins on about 10years ago and bought the 30-1400 ECU from summit 10years ago and never got around to finish it. The car is ready to install the ECU is new in the box. Can someone help me out with someone that can tune it near York/ Harrisburg PA.
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Did you find anyone yet? I’d go to DGR in dillsburg.or Keith’s pit stop in Gettysburg. Both very good
Good luck OP. That ECU isn't even supported by AEM anymore. I have one in my 88 GT with a proCharger, and I'm tossing it for a newer system (Pro-M) very soon. Honestly, I wouldn't bother with the AEM since you'll have a tough time finding anyone who will work with it. I know you paid a lot for it and might not have the funds for a newer system, but that is really your best course of action. look at Pro-M if it's a street car, and Holley if it's going to be a track car.
If you really must use it, Bob Kurgan may be able to help you as he sold and tuned the AEM for many years.
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