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I'm selling a bunch of parts on ebay if anyone is interested.
All the auctions are NO RESERVE, For pictures and more details copy & paste the Item #'s into the search bar on Ebay .... I don't have link privileges yet.

AEM Engine Management System # 30-1400

>> 130423812475

Last I checked the bids were up to $79.00 and there is NO RESERVE, the buy it now price is $1199.00, considering that these retail for $1650.

BBK 70mm throttle body

>> 130424188308

Starts at $95

Also Have:
Performance Automatic Valve Body Mustang 5.0 AOD $109.95

>> 130424191534

B&M Holeshot 3000 Torque Converter $299.00

>> 130424190928

TCI Saturday Night Special Torque Converter $199

>> 130424189382

3 AutoMeter ProComp Ultra Lite Silver Gauges $89

>> 130424192721

NEW TransGo Shift Kit AOD 83-up Performance-Heavy Duty $53.95

>> 130424192725


This item is in excellent condition and in perfect working order, it still has the protective plastic on the AEM emblem. It comes pre loaded with a baseline tune to get you started. There are virtually no limits to the tuning capability of this unit. You can even eliminate the restrictive Mustang MAF sensor and change over to a speed density system by using a map sensor and do all the tuning with the EMS. Speed Density is the only way to go for high horsepower - high revving engines because you take the MAF sensor out of the equation and can go straight from the air filter to a 90mm throttle body.

70mm Performance Throttle Body
1986-1993 Ford Mustang 5.0L EFI

This is my used 70mm BBK Throttle body that is in very good condition, it has the minor wear and tear that is common for any used throttle body. This throttle body is a great addition for a cold air intake kit or just as an upgrade alone. Bolt on an instant burst of power with this 70mm BBK Throttle Body. Gasket, TPS Sensor, and instruction sheet are included!
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