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AEM EMS users please take a look.

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I've been a anderson ford motorsport PMS user for almost 4 years now. I have loved it, and never had any problems with it, but I'm ready for a change. Maybe just looking to learn something new. from what i've been reading this AEM EMS is supposed to be all that. I'm considering any stand alone that people would recommend. I'm not trying to find something extrememly difficult to use either. I was wondering what people had to say about their experience with this as opposed to another tuning device. What are the Pro's and cons.. how long to hook up, how long to get the car running, driving, and how hard it it actually to just dial in a rough tune? I'm driving a 93 cobra, but i have an A9L computer in it, so i'd assume ijust want the regular version of the EMS? I'm no tuner, but i have tuned myself on my PMS all this time, so i figure i should be fine adapting to the EMS with some tech help from you guys. Thanks in advance for your response.

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I agree that ls coils are better, but I have run the AEM for five years using the factory ford distributor, and don't have problems with it, a couple of years ago I replaced the cap and rotor with new accel parts and had problems with timing errors, I have been a ford tech for over twenty years, back when ford used distributor mounted TFI modules they recommended coating the tip of the rotor with dielectric grease, I coated the rotor and the timing errors were gone , that cap and rotor have been on the car for two years with no problems, the only time I see any timing errors are 2 or 3 on start up

also I used to run a gm map sensor, then switched to a AEM 3.5 bar the difference was amazing, much better drivability, especially at low speeds in traffic, it's a better quality sensor

I'm planning on switching to a set of gm coils at some point, I don't know if I'm going to use the EPM or go with crank trigger, I already have the 12 tooth trigger wheel, explorer cam sensor/synchronizer and crank sensor, Not sure where to mount the coils, I don't think there is enough room on the drivers side valve cover due to the intake, I just wish the AEM would produce a SAW signal so I could use the ford EDIS system
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