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AEM EMS users please take a look.

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I've been a anderson ford motorsport PMS user for almost 4 years now. I have loved it, and never had any problems with it, but I'm ready for a change. Maybe just looking to learn something new. from what i've been reading this AEM EMS is supposed to be all that. I'm considering any stand alone that people would recommend. I'm not trying to find something extrememly difficult to use either. I was wondering what people had to say about their experience with this as opposed to another tuning device. What are the Pro's and cons.. how long to hook up, how long to get the car running, driving, and how hard it it actually to just dial in a rough tune? I'm driving a 93 cobra, but i have an A9L computer in it, so i'd assume ijust want the regular version of the EMS? I'm no tuner, but i have tuned myself on my PMS all this time, so i figure i should be fine adapting to the EMS with some tech help from you guys. Thanks in advance for your response.

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1st: TFI distributors suck donkey balls. Rotors and caps wear out
TFI modules go bad, pick-ups go bad. Switching to coil packs gives
you MUCH better spark control and timing input.

The AEM has issues with timing errors with TFI distributors.
It reads the timing so accurately that the small errors it gets throw it off.
Really only seems to like factory Motorcraft distributors. Mine hated my
MSD billet distributor.

There is a sticky on AEM forum regarding this

I would plug-n-play the AEM with your stock ignition at first just to
get it running. But upgrading to the EPM module and coil packs will pay
off in the long run.

EPM wasnt out when I did my coil pack install, So I used modified Explorer
cam and crank sensors on mine. Junkyard parts. Took lot of head scratching
to make work, but the parts were dirt cheap.


got a question on timing for EPM and LS1/2 coil packs. What timing light is everyone using? I want to buy one that work with both the factory ignition and later for my LS2 stuff.
I am hoping to get my coil on plug and EPM installed when I get home in August. I am converting to a spyder manifold, crossing my fingers I can get the coils mounted to the v.c.s in a clean manner = 6" plug wires.
Congrats on getting it figured out. I am going to be in your shoes when I get home in August/September and I am sure I will have to visit all the threads for good info.

Thanks for the post, great looking car by the way.
Keep fighting the good fight. lol
Here is the coils that I have. They are stashed in the garage thousands of miles away so it is the best picture I have. My brother traced the part number to 2008 6.0L Escalades.

What is your thought on these, are they the same that you have?
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Yep I just checked them against the other pictures of the ones that are questionable.
kbscobravert, those are the supposedly the best coils to use at this point. The LS2 coils aren't far behind, and the ones i have are definately in question at this point. I'm going to see about picking up another set today if i can find any locally.
Good luck we are all rooting for you.
well no update today. I stopped at the salvage yard, but i'm less than impressed with them. Since i couldn't go out in the yard and show them what i wanted and the vehicles they came on, i'm gonna be waiting until they catch up to speed and see if they have any. I was hoping to get a set at a decent cost. Outside of that my life is about to get very busy. i'm closing on my house on the 13th and my VA loan requires i fix some pidly bull#### in order to complete the loan. So i have to put railing on the back patio, and repaint 2 window frames, the garage doors and the soffet area under the roof. I find this out today when i close on monday. I could strangle these people, i still don't understand why i owe them so much money when they #### me like this. Not to get off subject.. just venting. Feel free to ask questions in the mean time until i can get new coils and see if it makes any significant change in my issues.
That is actually funny not that you have a few days to repair some stuff but that I am closing on a house on the 13th, going thru VA etc. No repairs are needed on our end though. My hurdle is that I am in Afghanistan so getting a specific POA notarized by a JAG office, sending those to another base via courier then a DHL 3 day (that takes 8) to get it to the title company all the while I get hammered with 10 docs a day to print, sign and scan to email back. And the wife complains about having to sign and do one doc. :hammer:

I bought my coils off of Ebay. The guy who I bought them from actually worked with my brother at the GM dealership. My brother happened to see the box in the garage and asked how I knew Joe Stupid, "he works for me I could have got them for you for free, hahahaha". Point is go to a dealership and see if any of the techs have a set laying around.
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well so far no luck. i need your coils dude. hopefully i can find a set soon. i found a new set for 210 shipped on ebay, but no harness. i sent the guy i assume you bought yours from on ebay to see if he has any more sets. i'm getting desperate. the salvage yard never got back to me.
I will ask my brother to ask up at the dealership to see what they may have laying on a shelf.
That would be awesome... let me know as soon as you can. I'll be getting off work at 2pmEST... obviously we are a little askew time wise lol.
My brother turned up a dry hole at his place. sorry
Good luck on your closing, it is more important anyways.

lol I will need the same advice in a month when I am camped in my garage instead of enjoying my 21 days of R&R. lol
Billy is it possible that slack in the timing chain could cause the trigger to jump creating a timing error?

Just thinking out loud here.

What about rewiring from the beginning with a new layover harness?
Good find..I wish you the best of luck, you have been fighting this for a while now.

How did the closing go? I am still waiting for mine. (beats head against wall untill passes out, ugh)
I didn't get to close yet. I'll be signing all the paper work on the 21st. They switched my date due to some VA requirements that needed to be finished first. All i know is that my apt still needs to be packed up in order to move and 75% of it is still sitting here untouched lol.

I feel your pain. I am nearing 60 days since the seller accepted my offer and I turned it into my broker. I am nearing the end of my rope with the damn bank/broker/underwritter etc. VA has given us the golden 100% thums up it is in the lender's hands now and they are dropping the ball all over the place.

I just want this nice big 3 car garage the house has to have a cozy place to do my AEM work in next month. The wife gets the rest of the house. lol
that car is a total electrical nightmare for something that is in such good condition!
that is the main reason I decided to start with a 100% bone stock car that never had a thing taken apart on it and with low, low miles.

You'll get there.
well guys... i totally have my interior dismantled. It's horrible looking :( I am still lost at where my problem is exactly, however it's somewhere in my illumination wiring... That system is ungodly huge. I've also encountered a couple other inconsistencies that i don't understand exactly, but i'm sure it will all come to light eventually. I am taking a break on the car tonight, and probably for the rest of the week. I've been working on it non stop since i got the AEM and I'm getting pretty whooped. I'm not one to start something and stop. when it doesn't work right i gotta get it fixed and i'll kill myself trying. But i close on my first house tomorrow so i'll be busy... and you know it's sad when i really want to go work on my car instead of go close on my new house lol

Dude take the break, get closed on the new house and moved in. The car will be there when you are all settled. Congrats on the closing, I fully understand the ordeal you have been going thru with the VA and lenders. I bet the car seemed easy compared. lol
Billy, I got closed today......I hope you did as well. I thought mine would never happen and we pick up the keys tomorrow.
Take your time, I don't start my install for 2 weeks.
sorry about the bad luck Billy................. what are the plans now as far as motor goes?

I got some work on mine while home but most of it was test fit trial run. Here is where I am at with it for now and will stay untouched till my next trip home (December???).

Nothing wired up just stabbed and resting in place to build around.
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Just thought i'd let you guys know.i got a new motor up and running in the car, AEM is functional and all my problems have since died with the last motor.... More posts to come as nice days allow for tuning :)

What did you do for a motor?

I am playing with my LQ9 coils and AEM stuff this weekend.
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