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Currently, I have a pretty much stock '94 Cobra. The only mods are MAC equal-length short tube headers, MAC o/r h-pipe, MAC pro dumps, MAC CAI, and Kirban underdrive pulleys.

I took it to the local speed shop and had it dynoed yesterday. With 141k miles, this thing runs great! 242.5 rwhp w/ 290.8 rwtq.

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to buy some AFR 165s, an Edelbrock Performed intake, a cam from Ed Curtis, and a few other small items such as an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a new fuel pump.

I'd like to hear how people think this will afftect my rwhp and rwtq after the installation. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

Oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestions as to using a different intake or heads, I'd like to hear those as well.


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