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These door inserts came from Our first impressions upon looking at the item is that they are made from good quality material and the finish is flawless. They even comes with a nice protective film to guard against scratches during shipment and installation.

This photo shows how nicely the product is molded to fit perfectly over the old carpeted area and into the surrounding channel, for a clean finished look. This finished, rolled edge will keep anything from catching it and pulling it away from the door panel....


The install was very straight forward and easy to do. You just have to take that leap of faith to rip the old carpet from the door. LOL!

Here is a close up so you can see how the carpet sits on the raised portion and then tucks down in the channel....

This channel is the best place to gently insert your fingers or a screw driver if you can't grip it by hand. The best tool would be a some plastic prying tools, as they are less prone to mar and scratch. BE CAREFUL! The channel and the channel's outer perimeter will be visible after the install and you don't want to mar the surface. We only had a screw driver available, so we only touched the surface on the carpet. You want to gently rake the carpet towards you.

If you are lucky, and your glue has broken down, you will be able to pull the carpet easily once you start pulling a corner free. You can then grab the carpet and begin to pull it the rest of the way off the panel. Our glue was still strong and I could not get enough loose to get a strong grip, so I had to work with the screw driver a bit more.

[Ed Note: Warming the carpet up with a hair dryer should weaken the adhesive and make the job a little easier. An industrial heat gun is NOT recommended. You could melt something pretty quickly.]

The idea was to create a pocket that my hand could better grip. Then I could easily pull the rest off by hand.

Finally, after carefully working the area, I had enough free to get good grip.

It takes a bit of effort to be sure you get the carpet off intact. You can see there is a bit of glue left behind.....

You will want to remove this glue from the panel. The idea here is to remove all the high spots, so the new panel has a flat surface to mount to. I chose to use a razor to clean the bits off. Again you must be careful! A slip with the razor could marr the visible edge of the channel. Do not use the razor like the first picture. (razor moving from center towards the outer edge). Instead, use the razor like the second picture. (razor moving from the outer edge inwards toward the center).

Once the flat surface is free of the high spots, now you have to carefully clean the channel. You have to remove any glue debris from the channel as the new piece wraps around into the channel, but will still leave most of it visible. Again, don't scratch it, as it will be visible.

All cleaned up and ready to go.....

When installing the new stainless piece, you need to leave on the protective cover. You only need to minimally peel the edges so that they will not get any glue on them or get pinched under the lip where they can't be pulled off when you are done.

We could not find the Bulldog adhesive recommended in the installation guide, so I used a version from Home Depot called PL375. Its actually a stronger grade. I tried to balance the amount of glue. I had to get enough on there without getting so much as to have it seep out the sides.

Only use moderate pressure to attach the pieces. If you press hard you will dent the stainless. I used my palm flat with even gentle pressure to press on the pieces. Using your palm flat versus your finger tips will spread the pressure out over a greater area.

Once you have placed the piece on with the glue, you need to be sure it remains evenly in place until the glue dries. The best way to do this is to tape it in place, and allow it to sit undisturbed for 24 hours while the glue cures. I used a combo of small pieces of cardboard and tape on the ends. This held everything in place with the proper pressure, keeping it pressed tight to the door panel.

Our driver's side door panel was a bit tweaked, so it took some additional effort to get the part to hold tight against the door panel. I started with a bunch of tape on the front corner. I even balled up a towel and pushed it between the lower seat bolster and the stainless insert.

It finally took a binder clip attached to the map pocket to hold the front edge in place. I had to use a piece of cardboard pressed between the stainless and the clip to avoid causing dents. The rolled edge of the binder clip was perfect. The pressure of the binder clip was actually perfectly focused right at the channel with the cardboard spreading the pressure across the piece. It worked like a charm. No dents and the panel is tight.

Now the panels just had to sit and cure. Due to a bit of rain, I let things sit 36 hours.

Now it was time to take off the plastic...

Here is a close-up of the finished product.....a perfect fit and a huge improvement over the stock carpet!

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