Selling three separate A9L ECUs. I replaced the capacitors and tested them on the dates written on the case. I used premium Nichicon capacitors and resealed the diturbed areas with a conformal coating. I used to refurbish and sell these all the time on eBay, but one doushe filed a claim and basically stole one from me because he worked the system. Since swearing off eBay I've been sitting on these ever since thinking I might use them one day. But I've switched to Holley EFI and don't see that day ever coming.
Two of them are super nice inside and out. Nothing to really say about them.

The third one used to belong to a friend and is a prior remanufactured unit that has no factory sticker other than the A9L square by the service port. Even the EPROM inside that usually has A9L has a sticker over it from the reman'd facility possibly meaning it was refreshed or something. I have no way of knowing for sure. I still replaced the caps for good measure. It was in my buddy's 92 5-speed notch and he had zero issues with it other than thinking it had no rev limiter as he would rev it to 7k on a regular basis.

$300 each for the two nicer ones and that is shipped in the lower 48.
$250 shipped in the lower 48 for the prior reman'd one.

Please refer to which one you would like by the refurbished date on the case.

I will mail via USPS and provide a tracking number.