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Shortly, I will be using a stock '86 5.0 HO block with 45,000 miles.
To it I will be adding TFS TW heads (out of box except for higher rate dual valve springs, TFS Stage 1 cam, FMS 1.6 stud mount r/r's, new 6.7 inch pushrods, '93 Cobra intake, 65mm tb, 24 lb injectors, high rate fuel pump w/afpr, shortie 1 5/8 equals, h-pipe, 2 1/2 inch Flowmaster 2-chamber catback. I have a few ?'s:

1. What grade oil should I use when I first run it?

2. How long should I run the first oil for mileage-wise?

3. Should I stay away from synthetics initially?

4. Is it a good idea to reuse the 45,000 mile lifters? Or, should I just get new ones?

5. Is it s good idea to reuse the 45,000 mile timing chain? Or, should I just get a new one?

6. What's the chances that a speed density car will run right with the combo I described above?

Thanks in advance for your help...& thanks Corral.

'86 notch
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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