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97 SVT Cobra

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So I have just recently dropped my car off at "Mustang Muscle in High Ridge, Missouri". they are adding a few things and finally dialing everything in on dyno. my big question...what more can i do N/A to get gains. When I get my car back and have Final HP/TQ #'s i will post them.
Thanks in advance for anyone giving me advice, much appreciated.
1997 mustang SVT Cobra
"Romeo" engine 4.6l 4v

4.10 Gears
K&N Cold Air Intake
Steeda Underdrive Pulleys
Aluminum Drive shaft
Mcleod Aluminum flywheel
Mcleod Street Extreme Clutch
EV6-Uscar 24LB Injectors
BBK long tube headers
Power master 200AMP alternator
MSD Coil Packs
Ford Racing Wires
little things I've replaced
Oil pan
oil pan gasket
Header exhaust gaskets
SR Lowering springs
Koni shock & Strut kit
Sway bar end links
water pump
Short Throw Shifter
spark plugs
Axel bearings and seals
idle air control
Fuel Filter
MAF sensor
valve cover gasket, spark plug gasket
changed ALL fluids Except for Power Steering
"Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonators
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Electric water pump is worth a few HP
I've never heard of this sorcery lol.
I would be careful with My Spark Disappeared coils. Ive had a few of them fail over the years with very low mileage. The OEM coils are the best coils out there for them AFAIK. If youre still running the stock cams, thats a place you can pick up some power but you have 4 of them so its expensive and you will need a tune after changing them. If you do cams, a throttle body may be a good investment too but I wouldnt change the TB without cams. With all of that said, a blower or turbo would be one of best investments you can make regarding money invested vs power gained. A set of cams is about half the price of a blower kit.
So your suggesting
1. OG Coil Pack's
2. MHS 4.6L 4V Stage 2 N/A Camshafts
3. Throttle Body.
4. 30+LB's Fuel Injectors
Cherry On Top.... TUNE!

I really should have asked these questions before i went and got a Tune, I appreciate your advice...only regret is not posting the "Prior" to dropping my car off for tune. by the time i make it back up to Missouri to get my car Dyon'd again, ill be adding boost
I mean in Actuality though are we EVER TRULY done building our cars? No, Hell No..not even close. I'm always adding Performance/Non-Performance parts lol.
This is just another addiction that has no big consequences & Smiles-Per-Gallon is a real thing! :D
If you put an electric water pump on you won't need a retune. It has no effect on the tune at all.
Sweet dude! thanks for the clarity! :)
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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