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97 cobra over heating

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took my car down to my shop running fine. i had just installed a new ccrm (fan control module $100 had no fan operation) and it was running cool. before i discovered the fan wasn't working i bought a t-stat, so i decided to go ahead and put it in. well after putting it in drove 2 mile car started over heating (gauge: c[ normal ]h ) the needdle got to the letter "l' i pulled over let the car cool down took it back to she shop found the "new" t-stat was bad put the old one back in took off down the street and it happened again. went back to the shop found high speed windings in fan bad put a new fan on tested operation with a/c on and fan seemed to be operating as designed so i decided to go home. got on the highway and it shot up to the "l' again and low coolant light came on (i pressure bleed the system before i left). so i releived the pressure from the resevoir and the level return to normal not sure if fan is working on high speed cause i can't recall hearing or seeing it. need ideas does any one know how hot the engine can get before blowing head gaskets. please give some input i am at a dead end and praying it's not the head gasket i was selling the car this week.
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probably a dumb suggestion, but did you burp the cooling system?
the first time i replaced the t-stat i didn't know i had to. so i once my buddy told me i had to i did. then found the new tstat was actually bad so i reinstalled the original and burped it right again and its still over heating has never got to the red hash mark but has got to the last "]" symbol after the letter "l" and thats it.

does any one know what the compression numbers durring a compression test should be around?(all stock engine) 150psi?
i perfomred compression test had 155-165 across the board. removed and checked water pump and it was good. i don't have high speed fan activation tried a new ccrm (constant control relay module-fan control). still no high speed any suggestions will be appreciated
Having a similar problem with my cobra. Let me know what you come up with.
still nothing. checked all wires from ccrm to pcm and fan all good. replaced the coolant temp sensor, gonna try the temp sending unit tomorrow.
Try running the front of the car up on blocks and burping ...... trying to burp the cooling system on the level can be a real bear. Even when you think it's done, it really isn't. Try the burping process several tlimes.... drive it around, then burp some more..... often the overheating is nothing!

I had to burp mine 4 times last time I had coolant out.
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