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96+ spindles on a fox

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I've read so much different info that I'm not sure what to think.

I purchased 97 Gt spindles, hubs, brakes. I want to install them with 00 mustang GT wheels. They are 17x8.

Will I need a bumpsteer kit to get the toe back in line?

Is anyone else using these spindles on a stock k member?

Any input?

BTW my car is an 89 5.0
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Just to say it first: I will be getting an MM K-Member et al in the near future....

Therefore, I went ahead and went with the 96up spindle on my 91 Fox with a stock K-Member so as to not have to buy 2 different sets of spindles. I wasnt going to spend the time, money, and effort on this swap without using an MM bumpsteer kit. I used part# MMTR-1. Seriously, its $140 and well worth your money.

I also used Steeda X2 balljoints. With the adjustability of the bumpsteer kit and the taller X2 balljoints I was able to keep bumpsteer near ideal (as measured on the MM bumpsteer gauge). I believe I did have to buy a smaller bolt (length wise) because I had to use just the small spacer along with a very thin .020 or something shim.

I could only get minimum caster on the car with 2.3 degrees right and only 1.9 degrees on the left. I cant remember exactlly how much camber I ended up getting but I know I wasnt satisfied with it.

It's not an ideal setup but the car drives great and has very very little bumpsteer. I have yet to have it on track with this setup, but along with the wider 275 tires I have no fear that the car is any slower than prior to this swap. I will have an MM K-Member hopefully sooner rather than later but this setup will suffice in the mean time.

All this being said, if you dont have any plans of going with an MM K-Member sometime in the future, I would go with the 94-95 spindles and sell the set you have.
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