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96+ spindles on a fox

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I've read so much different info that I'm not sure what to think.

I purchased 97 Gt spindles, hubs, brakes. I want to install them with 00 mustang GT wheels. They are 17x8.

Will I need a bumpsteer kit to get the toe back in line?

Is anyone else using these spindles on a stock k member?

Any input?

BTW my car is an 89 5.0
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Somewhat related to the OP. I'll be installing a MM kmember this winter and have 94-95 spindles. I also have MM std. offset A-arms w/X2 balljoints. Do the balljoints improve or make worse the use of 94-95 spindles w/ the MM kmember? This is on an '89.
Thanks for the clarification. I couldn't quite get my head around it whether or not I would have a taller bumpsteer stack or not.

Thanks again!
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