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96+ spindles on a fox

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I've read so much different info that I'm not sure what to think.

I purchased 97 Gt spindles, hubs, brakes. I want to install them with 00 mustang GT wheels. They are 17x8.

Will I need a bumpsteer kit to get the toe back in line?

Is anyone else using these spindles on a stock k member?

Any input?

BTW my car is an 89 5.0
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I might be able to solve your dilemma. I have a set of '94-'95 spindles that are only a few years old (came in my M2300K kit) that never saw rain, just the track and my garage (a little surface rust). No bearings, hubs. or dust shields on them, which are easily transferred from your existing spindles (you'll need a new seal and retainer nut as they are throw away items- I think I still have the new dust shields in the envelope they came in, I'd have to check). I went to the '96 and ups when I put on my MM k-member.

If you want them, they're for sale. Just PM me.
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