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Hi guys.

I am just curious on where one might get the items in the title that are confirmed to be working that I can use as a base for my tuning.

I have been searching for a while and cant really find anything so far. I tried using a the CDAN4 and LLX4 (I havent really read a positive answer on if the llx4 can be used on the llx3 ecu?) files from

Isuue I am having: When loading above (BE / QH) the cars fan turns on (key on engine off) and is able to crank but not start (fuel pump doesnt seem to prime).

When going under hardware and setting to stock tune it will be fine until I unplug the computer then it shuts off and does the above.

When pulling the stock tune from the eec it gives a bunch of pid errors and such then does the above.

And finally I found a random llx3.bin but it wont even load lol.

Any advise or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

If this would be in another section then mods feel free to move.

-Ian ---- [email protected] ---
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