Mileage:224000 M
Engine:4.6 4V
Trim:Cobra convertible
96 convertible Cobra, needs work.
It needs to be painted, the paint on the car, except for the front bumper cover is old factory paint. The body is in very good condition, has been in a minor accident that required the front bumper cover to be repainted, this happened before we got the car 10 years ago. I have looked the car over many times over the years, while working on the car, the body is in very good condition, no rust, no body damage.

Needs a new top, the top works great, the seats need to be recovered. Two years ago, I found some very good condition, correct year and color seats for the car. Put them in the car, they lasted about two months, before the leather started cracking. The leather on the seats was obviously old, and dried out.
I think the engine jumped timing on the right bank while trying to start it one day. It does not start. The car has a bit over 224,000 miles according to the odometer, not sure how many miles it really has on it. The odometer gears were bad when we got the car, I replaced those, before my wife started driving the car. The only non factory performance parts I have found on the car, are a BBK cold air kit, Flowmaster mufflers, then it has some aftermarket tips on the exhaust. The stock manifolds, and cats are still on the car. I think it still has 3.27 gears in the rear, I checked the rear axle when we got the car 10 years ago, when I changed the fluid in the axle.

The transmission was rebuilt and the clutch was replaced about 1 1/2 years ago. The alternator was replaced a month before the transmission was rebuilt. About the same time the front and rear brake pads and rotors were replaced. The whole A/C system was replaced last summer, all the hoses, condenser, compressor, accumulator, liquid line, and the evaporator. The shocks, struts, ball joints, control arm bushings, were done about six years ago. The steering rack with inner and outer tie rods, was done about two years ago, The power steering pump was replaced at the same time. The U-joints were done about two years ago. The odometer gears that go bad, have been replaced.

The factory options were convertible tan top, tan leather interior, power driver's seat, Mach 460 stereo, I don't remember if it had a cassette or CD player originally, it currently has a Sony stereo head unit. I still have the original head unit put away.

The car is in the Seguin, Tx area, not interested in trades, I have too many projects, don't need any more. Asking $2500.