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just took this car in on trade i just want to sell it

94 mustang orig.6 banger, has a 5.0 5 speed in it, needs finishing.
i think someone started selling parts off the car, its mising a few parts here and there. needs a headlight mount panel, corner lights,and 2 mirrors.

it is red with black cloth interior, inside looks good, driver quarter panel has been hit, but i will probably go ahead and fix that. and get it in prime.(i do bodywork for a living)
has 96 cobra wheels and sumitomo tires.

car is not running yet, i could finish the car and get it running but i dont want to mess with it and someone could have a v8 mustang cheap and do it themselves.
looking for $2200 like i said i just want the car gone. will post some pics tomorrow
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