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94 headers

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I have a 94 Cobra I am putting shorty headers on. I have conflicting info as to whether or not the Fox body headers will work. I have eliminated the smog control so that is not an issue. Will fox headers bolt up? Thanks:confused:
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Yes the fox headers will work. The difference is the 94\95 headers have the bung for the EGR valve.
94 Headers

thanks, that's what I thought to but i had called BBK and they told me there is a difference (although slight) in the curve of a few of the tubes. Probably don't want to recommend a non-emission header for a car that is designed to have the bung.
Fox headers will work. Remember also that SN95's have a bigger engine bay than the Fox's, that is probably why there is different tube bending in BBK's products.
they should work without a problem. i have fox bbk equal lengths on my car now.
maybe I should be looking into a set of Fox longtubes to eliminate that ugly welded over EGR bung on the passenger header on my Cobra. do you have to use a 94/95 or a Fox h-pipe with the shorties??
which h-pipe for Fox longtubes in a 94/95 mustang?
Hmm. I must have used the Fox headers with a 94-95 Prochamber years ago when I was still new to cars.

It wouldn't bolt up for anything.
Well, I use Fox Shorties with a 94-95 specific Bassani X-pipe, no fitment issues at all to report.
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