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94-98 white Rear bumper cover $50

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Got a 94-98 White "Mustang" rear bumper $50, prefer pickup. I live between Nashville and Memphis. PM me for inquiries and trade offers.
Also for sale:
94-98 white doors $100 each
94-95 White horizontal tail lights sold as pair for $50
94-98 Fenders (need paint) $30
94-98 White Factory wingless trunklid $150
94-98 Mirrors $25 each
94-98 white Side skirts $50
94-98 Black driver airbag
Interior is spoken for for now but may have other parts later.
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if i lived up there i would have the trunk deck and side skirts
Side skirts are gone now, but the decklid is still on the car. I'm surprised someone hasn't bought it. Heck i'd take $300 for the whole car!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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