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Hey guys, I have a baby on the way and need to start clearing our spare bedroom out in preparation for the nursery. It can no longer be my spare and unused parts room! In any case, I've had a factory spoiler, black in color, for longer than I've owned my car. I bought it off someone that had it painted UA (black, cleared it, and was in the process of wet sanding it) before they ended up going sans spoiler. This was a number of years ago when I still had my V6 (too long ago) and wanted a spoiler on the trunk. So I guess it's time to get rid of it. Like I said, the spoiler has been painted, cleared and the clear was wet sanded (about a quarter of it, Im going to finish the rest in 600, 800, 1000 and finally 1500 grit paper) so all you need to do is give it a quick buff and youll be ready to rock. Im not sure what paint or clear was used or how many coats were applied as Ive had the thing the better part of a decade now. Id think just a quick hit with a powerball for paint or some time hand buffing would be more than sufficient. I have pics available at request, let me know and Ill email them to you. Make an offer, I paid 80 back then and they seem to be going between 50 and 75 bucks now. It can be picked up at my shop in Spencer, MA or shipped UPS at cost (probably around 25 bucks or so)
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